What we do

We are a charity based in Jersey that receives donations from local tax payers, reclaims the tax paid from the government, then forwards on the funds to the charities you choose

For example, if I give £1000 to JET, we can reclaim 25% or £250 in this case. The total funds now available are £1250

This balance can be sent as a one off payment to a charity or as regular payments

This is especially useful if you are paying UK registered charities where you cannot benefit the charity as you are not able to opt in for the UK Government tax gift aid scheme as you are not a UK tax payer

Another example:

If you gave £100 per month to JET and JET forwarded on £100 per month to a UK charity, you will have given £1200 to JET and Jet will have forwarded on the £1200 to the charity. However, at the end of the year we can request the tax refund on the £1200 of £300 which can then be forwarded also as requested

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